Saturday, June 7, 2008

New words..

The rain falling this morning was anything but light.. more like a deluge. And with that deluge comes a sick little boy. He crashed early last night on the sofa and when I went to move him to bed I could feel his fever. I hate to wake him up with a medicine treatment but it had to be done..

So he gets the grape stuff.. to which he didn't protest too much.. he must really have felt bad.

Somewhere along about midnight or 1am I hear him.. he's wide awake.. in a pretty good mood.. and belting out words I've never heard him say before.. and occasionally giggling. It's not the first time I've noticed a connection between pain relievers and new words.. I wonder if "they" have ever studied it..


littlebobleep said...

Here's a link to the fever study:


Karen said...

Thanks for the link.. but somehow it was truncated in the process.

the full url