Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Little Things...

I understood a long time ago that my little wonder boy wasn't going to be developing along "typical" time lines. That's okay.. but it doesn't stop me from having the highest hopes for his happiness. When my little 4.75 year old dragged me to the corner this morning, globe ball in hand, and told me to stay there I was curious as to what was up. He then turned, took 3 steps away from me, turned back to face me and tossed me the ball. I then tossed the ball back to him.. and he caught it! Our little volley lasted no fewer than 10 round trips at which point our little game of catch was disrupted by his big sister. Now this might not seem like an activity worth writing about to most of you.. but to me.. who wondered if the day might ever come.. I am again astounded.

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Christa Dahlstrom said...

Hi Karen -
I'm glad I found you! I also have a blog where I write about my 4 year old son who has Hyperlexia.

Stop by some time!

I can't wait to read through your archives. I think that we'll find we have much in common.

I've found this journey to be an extraordinary blessing and I would not change my son for the world. Challenging? Yes, but SO worth it!