Saturday, January 26, 2008


So one day I'm browsing around on the internet and I landed on a blog that I read regularly and got to thinking how great it was that there was this place that people with the same interests could gather and read up on what's going on in each others lives. I thought about how cool it would be to have such a place that was dedicated to the topic of hyperlexia as I'd had a bit of trouble finding such a place before. And later that day, in an almost magical way, I had it suggested to me that I start my own. And so this blog was born. My hope for this venue is that you can come and learn and contribute your experiences as well to make it a richer place for all of us. We each have learned on our own a tremendous amount about this disorder and sharing that knowledge is key if we're going to do all we can to help those we love. I've had it shown to me that little, seemingly insignificant experiences can have a tremendous impact on the growth and emergence of other, seemingly unrelated elements of development. So let's all share a little and maybe we can help each other to grow. In that spirit of sharing I'd like to send out a great big "thank you" and provide a link that you may find useful if you or anyone you love is struggling with an autism related disorder.

Where Are You Autism


LittleBoPepp said...

I'm glad I found your blog! I, too, am looking to learn more about hyperlexia. My 4 year old has been dx'ed with autism, but is making great strides. I just learned that "hyperlexia" is more akin to "aperger's" but with a language delay. Oh, my, am I ever confused now. I'm picking up that there is some controversy about the hyperlexic label and its association with autism. Trying to understand what the various camps have to say. As usual, there is more useful information in parent blogs, like yours, than on the "official" sites. Much more.

My son is non-verbal, but spells out long words from memory. Here is a picture of him with his beloved fridge magnets, if you are curious to see:


Sorry to babble on in your blog. I'm just happy to "talk" with another parent who might know what the heck I am getting at. LOL

Karen said...

No, Please! Your comments are more than welcome and will help to build this fledgling blog into a useful tool for everyone who stops by. Please keep them coming!

It sounds like you are just starting out on this adventure. Be sure to send us updates on how your little boy wonder is progressing. I loved the picture of the menu laid out in letters.. how perfect!

Sarah said...

Thanks Karen! I'm glad we've both started out on this venture (:

Sue Mills said...

Hi Karen,
I have only just discovered your website,and have enjoyed reading through your experiences. Our 4yo son, Liam was diagnosed with Autism recently. However, what led us down that path was at age 3 we found him reading Beatrix Potter and his reading was impeccable. Yet in the same breathe he had never held a conversation with us and simply didn't comprehend What? Why? and Where? questions
We're all coming along famously, and some days are harder than others but we're still smiling!
I have linked to your site from mine ... I hope you don't mind!
Kind regards, Sue

Karen said...

Sue- Thank you for your kind words! I'm enjoying very much reading about your experiences as well. The more information we can all put out there the better equipped we will all be in our journey. I have linked to you as well. Thank you again!