Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Movie Credits

Another example of my son's early reading abilities came in his reaction to the end credits of a movie. Now granted, they usually are accompanied by the music score from the film, which in itself might be enough to get him to come running, but he loves to watch the credits roll by! When he was younger, around 2, we would joke that they were his favorite part of the movie. I've heard other parents of hyperlexic kids say the same thing so here we have yet another example of the unique behaviors that go hand in hand with this disorder. I love to hear him blurt out things like "Production Designer" or "In Between Artist". Those certainly are not words he's been hearing anywhere.. what a kick!

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LittleBoPeep said...

Yes, we have a movie credits fan here, as well. Always, without fail he loves the credits.

The other day, my son just started spelling out with his fridge magnets, "Created by Jim Jackson," and then some other names. It was on the credits to "Jo Jo's Circus." !!!