Friday, May 15, 2009

Use Your Words

With the arrival of warmer spring weather we're faced with the same issues we have every summer. Whereas the cold weather makes William want to do nothing but stay indoors where it's warm, the warm weather makes him want to do nothing but stay outdoors where it's lovely. I can't blame him, I rather enjoy it too. But life being what it is it's just not possible for me to spend from 4:00 to 9:00 outside watching him. I have things I need to tend to in the house. And this evening when the time came for him to come inside and have dinner he protested like he usually does.. with screaming. I got him fed and plenty to drink. I got him changed for bed and although the screaming had diminished a bit he was still obviously upset. No amount of asking what he wanted would result in a response other than screaming. Dad mentioned that he had run into a similar situation recently and had asked him to "use his words" to tell him what he wanted. William answered that he wanted the bike inside. It had been left out on the porch and he wanted it back in the house. Such an easy thing to solve.. and yet such a hard thing for him to convey. So with that suggestion I went to William tonight and asked him to use his words to tell me what he wanted. He thought for a moment and very quietly answered. He said it so quietly, so tentatively, that I couldn't quite make it out. It wasn't "bike inside".. it was short.. only one syllable. I asked him to tell me again and strained to listen. I shushed his little brother so I might have a chance at catching it.. I begged him to say it AGAIN. He did. The words he said were shocking. He said.. "I want love please." I cried as I held him as he drifted off to sleep.

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Sarah Maas said...

That is so amazing!!!