Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I can't remember a time when my wonder boy wasn't fascinated by bubbles. He wouldn't run off and disappear when I or his big sister were blowing bubbles. He would stay.. engrossed.. and pop every one he could manage to get near. He loves to watch them float up and soar to the tree tops. He loves to watch them settle on top of each other, not popping, and try to make them pop. I'm certain he's analyzing their physical properties and has determined there's such a thing as surface tension and that's why wet fingers are no good for popping. I've gotten pretty good at it too and can now blow bubbles within bubbles.. which I and he think is pretty neat. Today we had an opportunity to blow bubbles for a bit and he enjoyed it as much as ever. He even blew a few bubbles of his own!

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